Statisitcs on Conversion Rates of E-commerce Email Marketing in 2023

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Email marketing statistics are as volatile as your Instagram feed. However, by using industry standards, eCommerce retailers may learn how their marketing via email is doing. We've collated statistics in this post to provide you with an extensive overview of e-commerce email marketing performance. Boost your Skills by learning: Digital Marketing

Table of Content:
Statistics on eCommerce Email Marketing

Statistics on eCommerce Email Marketing:
Emails of Welcome:
  • Welcome emails produce 3 times as much income as any other campaign. (Invesp)
  • When compared to welcome emails without incentives, welcome emails with offers can increase revenue by 30% each email. (Invesp)
  • The open rate for welcome emails is 91.43%.

    Source: Safalta

  • 50+ eCommerce Email Marketing Statistics for 2023
  • Welcome email read rates are 42% higher than normal email read rates. (Campaign Manager)
  • Welcome emails have four times the open rate and five times the click-through rate of a typical
email marketing campaign. (InboxArmy)
  • Welcome emails may increase unique open rates by 86%. (Entrepreneur)
  • 84% of B2C welcome emails reach inboxes worldwide and are read 23% of the time. (Statista)
  • Welcome emails generate more than three times the number of transactions and revenue per email than typical promotional emails. (InboxArmy)
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Emails for Cart Abandonment and Recovery:
  • Shopping cart abandonment emails had a remarkable 44.76% open rate (Barlliance).
  • Email marketing with three cart abandonment emails produced $24.9 million against $3.8 million for campaigns with only one email. (Klaviyo)
  • eCommerce Email Marketing Statistics (Updated in 2023)
  • Only half of the top 100 online retailers send cart abandonment emails. (Iterable)
  • Cart abandonment emails had a click-through rate of 23.33%. (SaleCycle)
  • Cart abandonment emails are expected to increase sales by 4.43% across all eCommerce businesses. (Selling Cycle)
  • Browse abandonment emails have been shown to have a click-through rate that is 50.5% greater than regular emails.
Emails with Personalization:
  • Personalised subject lines are 26% more inclined to be opened in emails. (Campaign Manager)
  • According to 74% of marketers, focused personalisation boosts client engagement. (eConsultancy)
  • 2023 Update on eCommerce Email Marketing Statistics
  • Personalized emails have been demonstrated to have six times the transactional rate of non-personalized emails. (MarketingProfs)
  • Personalized email messages increase click-through rates by 14% on average and conversion rates by 10%. (Aberdeen)
  • The average ROI for personalized email marketing is 122%. (eMarketer)
  • Relevant emails generate 18x the income of broadcast emails. (Emma)
  • Product replenishment emails, on the other hand, have the greatest click-to-open rates in eCommerce email marketing methods, at 53.6%.
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Email Campaigns for Stock Alerts:
  • Statistics on eCommerce email marketing (2023 Update)
  • On stock alert emails, most eCommerce firms get an open rate of roughly 65.32%. (Barlliance)
  • Back-in-stock notice emails convert at a whopping 22.45% on average. (MarketingSherpa)
Statistics on B2B Email Marketing:
  • Email newsletters are the most popular method of content marketing for 81% of B2B marketers. 2020 (Content Marketing Institute)
  • According to B2B marketers, marketing emails for new product and feature announcements had the greatest click-through rate. (2021 HubSpot Blog Research)
  • Email marketing automation is typically used to deliver triggered emails, drip or nurture programs, and segmentation. 2021 (Litmus)
  • 64% of B2B marketers believe their email marketing approach will be helpful in fulfilling corporate objectives in 2021. (2021 HubSpot Blog Research)
  • 15.8% of all emails are lost or are captured by popular spam filters. (2022, Email Tool Tester)
Statistics on Mobile Marketing:
  • Statistics on email marketing: email views by device type
  • The bulk of email views (41%), followed by desktop (39%), come from mobile devices. (2021 HubSpot Blog Research)
  • 46% of individuals who use smartphones prefer to receive business messages via email. (2021, Statista)
  • Mobile devices, excluding tablets, account for about 55% of worldwide website traffic. (2022, Statista)
  • Almost one in every five email messages is not suited for mobile devices. 2020 (SuperOffice)
  • Launching a mobile-responsive email design can result in a 15% increase in unique mobile clicks. (2021, MailChimp)
  • Apple's native iPhone email software has the most market share, followed by Gmail. 2022 (Litmus Labs)
  • In their email marketing approach, 56% of marketers use mobile-friendly emails. (2021 HubSpot Blog Research)
Statistics on B2C Email Marketing:
  • Automation is used by 87% of B2C marketers as part of their email marketing strategy. (2021 HubSpot Blog Research)
  • Personalization of emails based on previous purchases is now used by 60% of retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods and services organizations, up from 38% in 2019. 2020 (Litmus)
  • If you don't send more than five emails every week, your audience will reward you with greater open and click rates. (2020, GetResponse)
  • Within the first hour of sending, about 22% of all email messages are opened. (2020, GetResponse)
  • A welcome email will be opened by more than 8 out of 10 people, resulting in 4x the number of opens and 10x the number of clicks as other email kinds. (2020, GetResponse)
  • 50% of consumers buy at least once a month from marketing emails. 2022 (Salecycle)
  • The single paragraph autoresponder email received a whopping 98% open rate and 37% click-through rate. (2020, GetResponse)
  • When generating emails, 64% of B2C marketers consider accessibility. 2021 (Pathwire)
  • 15.8% of all emails are lost or are captured by popular spam filters.  (2022, Email Tool Tester)
  • 59% of respondents said marketing emails affected their purchasing decisions. 2022 (Salecycle)

Email marketing numbers fluctuate as much as your Instagram feed. However, by utilizing industry standards, eCommerce businesses may understand how their email marketing is doing. In this piece, we've compiled statistics to provide you a comprehensive picture of e-commerce email marketing performance.

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What will the eCommerce conversion rate be in 2023?

2% to 4%
In 2023, the average eCommerce conversion rate will be. In 2023, the average conversion rate across eCommerce industries will range from 2% to 4%, depending on the industry.

In 2023, how effective will email marketing be?

Email marketing continues to be a strong and effective tool for companies of all kinds. Email marketing revenue is expected to reach $11 billion globally by 2023.

What are the email marketing statistics for 2023?

In 2023, you should be aware of the following email marketing statistics:
  • In 2023, an average of 347.3 billion emails are sent and received every day, representing a 4.3% increase over the previous year, and this figure is expected to rise by a similar percentage in 2024, reaching 361.6 billion. Email is the key channel for generating leads for 89% of marketers. The average open rate in 2022 was 19.66%.

What will the ECOM trend look like in 2023?

We may anticipate ongoing growth in social commerce, personalisation, AR/VR, recurring billing, and sustainable and ethical purchasing habits in 2023. Retailers who keep ahead of these changes and create excellent client experiences will be strategically located for future success.

What does the future of e-commerce in India look like in 2023?

In 2023, the future of e-commerce in India is one of sustained development and transformation. The sector will be shaped by m-commerce, social commerce, AI-driven technology, omnichannel strategy, and rural e-commerce.

What is a reasonable email click-through rate in 2023?

The average email click-through rate across industries, according to Moosend study, is 4.01%. According to Mailchimp statistics, the average CTR across sectors is 2.91%. Finally, CampaignMonitor predicts a 2.3% average CTR for 2023, a 0.3% decrease from the previous year.

What is the eCommerce email marketing conversion rate?

In the case of eCommerce enterprises, the typical email conversion rate is between 8% and 9%. Even though this is useful information, it is preferable to compare your conversion rates to your own standards rather than rely on industry norms.

Is the ROI on email marketing 4200%?

Marketers earn $42 for every $1 spent on email marketing. That's a 4,200% return on investment! Email marketing reigns supreme for one simple reason: it outperforms other marketing methods in terms of ROI.

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