The Different Types of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Refers to a technology helps machines and computers in performing complex tasks that previously done by human intelligence.
AI Has 7 types-

Narrow AI

Narrow AI is a  Goal- oriented AI that performs specific tasks well to attend one task at a time by learning algorithm. Narrow AI finds its uses in many domain like Alexa, google assistance , Voice assistance etc.

General Artificial intelligence

General AI is a theoretical form of AI.It allows machines to perform intellectual tasks just like human.

Super Artificial intelligence

Super AI is a software based AI that surpasses human intelligence. It takes AI to the next level that manifesting and developing cognitive and thinking skills.

Reactive Machine Artificial Intelligence

Reactive Machine AI is task specific system that has no memory. It offers greater capability and potential towards learning.

Theory of Mind Artificial Intelligence

Theory of Mind AI is a ability of machine to endow human like understanding and empathy. It interacts with emotion thoughts and feelings of humans and other intelligence and other intelligence.

Limited Memory Artificial Intelligence

Limited Memory AI is a subset of machine learning algorithms. This AI is mainly used in scenarios to scarce the data.

Self- Aware Artificial Intelligence

Self- Aware AI possesses self-awareness to construct an identity for its self.Its main ideas are captivating, performing challenges and managing data privacy.

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