5 Tips for video marketing

Virtual events and webinars are increasingly popular alternatives to social media platforms. On Facebook and Instagram, you can go live with one touch (without video editing), making it great for informal communication.

Give your audience a unique opportunity to connect with high-profile personalities who might not normally have access to video interviews. Experts bring credibility to your brand and provide value to consumers who may not otherwise reach purchase early in their journey, allowing you to grow your brand's reach organically

Marketing videos don't have to be boring, and animated videos are some of the best examples of this. You can tell a compelling story by animating unconventionally. Samsung's product video for their QLED TVs is a great example of how engaging animation can be in a video ad.

It's important to balance your music, dialogue, and sound effects to create a video that connects with your audience. You can fade each element in and out for smooth transitions, or you can experiment with all three and find a volume level that complements each sound element.

Use brand story videos to share your company's background and ethos to create an emotional connection with potential customers. Ugmonk highlights its artisan origins and takes a look at the making process along with its fantastic brand story.

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